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THE SEXICAN bio THE SEXICAN plays Mariachi inspired Gipsy Rock with a twist of Balkan punk! Danish live sensation The Sexican offers a rambling tonal circus, with sharp political lyrics being served with a thirst for life and an energy that is contagious! The musical offspring is World Rock with elements of Mariachi, Gipsy and Balkan tonality. he latter is especially noticeable at their explosive live-­‐shows. It is no coincidence that ‘energy’ is the word repeated through every single live review written on the band in its six years of existence. THE SEXICAN was founded in 2006 during a musician summer camp led by New York songwriter/producer Neill C. Furio who inspired to write protest songs. As a result the group saw potential in a new way of writing protest songs with a rare twist of mariachi, gipsy and klezmer feel to it -­‐ and writing lyrics in different languages. Playing -­‐ merely for fun -­‐ a minor stage at Hede Rytmer Festival in Denmark, made the band realize that the project had to continue after playing five extras and with the main stage attraction loosing audience in a swift tempo to the newcomers. Since that special evening, The Sexican have been touring a great deal, ascending in status and acclaim among reviewers and spectators as a live attraction sought after by any fan or critic. They recorded their first EP 'The Sexican' in 2007, releasing it in 2008 as a consolation for the many that were waiting for a full length album. Debut album 'The Summoning' was released in 2010. Following a surprising two-­‐edition sell-­‐out of ‘The Summoning', it was re-­‐released in fall 2011 with emphasis on a growing International audience. Second studio album 'Conscription' was released in November 2013 and the band will be touring in support of the new release in Scandianavia, Mexico and Europe throughout 2014.

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