Mole Duo

MOLE is is a collaboration between two of the main figures in modern jazz from Latin-America. Mexican pianist, composer Mark Aanderud and Argentinian drummer, producer and Grammy award winner Hernan Hecht.

MOLE is a duet project that expands in any possible way and in any possible genre in music, although the main character of their music comes from improvisaton, sometimes called Avant-garde, free, modern, etc. It involves some of the greatest musicians in the world like Tim Berne, David Gilmore, Eli Degibri, Jonathan Kreisberg, Rick Parker, Aaron Cruz and many others. As a production collective, MOLE has been part of diverse music productions in Rock, Electronic music and films.

Advanced but sensible music, deep grooves and infinite improvisations, acoustics and electronics, are the main character of this unique duo that is releasing their 2011 album Gemini (PyP, 2011) and "Whats the Meaning" (Rarenoise Records 2011)

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